It was raining outside, and here I was in this chair looking at those dripping raindrops and back down to my memory lane.

When I was child, during rain,
I would do the same,
pretend to be an actor from sad movie
and crying over the rain,
and now here I am,
my pretend has become reality,
the only difference is,
m now a real life actor
and the rain makes me sad, real sad.



“I want you to be the raindrop that I can feel on my skin” she said.
“So, I have to flow through gutter just to feel your skin?” I said.
She gave a blank stare, of course anyone who listens to stranger and moreover replies to them would get, more than this but thankfully she was enjoying rain so much she never did anything as such.
“Sorry, but I could not stop myself” I said as I hold my ears for apology,
She smiled and winked “Its ok” she said, “No one will be ready to go in gutter just to feel me, I know” “If you would allow, I will happily” I said, and that’s how our story started.

And, that’s how two rain lovers, complete stranger came together. None of had umbrella and were drenched in this rain, and so we took a break for a coffee and rest was history.



“I want you to be the raindrop that I can feel on my skin” she said. I held her from back as we both were enjoying the majestic hills being washed by this rain.

This was the first time she liked this place since we moved in. She always wanted to be in the city, but I insisted her to make our house here, away from city, on this hill top. This makes me happy, to see her being happy. Finally, this house being home, our home.

Every time it rains, not only water comes down to earth, but comes down my tears too.
How can I forget rain, the rain which brought us back together, the day we made love for the first time in this house.

Since we moved in, she was not happy and we had our ups and downs. She wanted to be near her parents, and in the city. We even had some discussions over this but at last I convinced her to make our home here, in this lonely hill top, majestic view and solitude it was, but she wanted to be in city area. It took us 2 years more than our planning as getting materials up the hills was too hard in those off road terrain. But once it was made, it was attraction point for everyone. It was not big as mansion but had its own swimming pool and a big garden. She always felt lonely here and I felt solitude here. But we had have lived here with our differences, we used to live in our same old apartment during weekdays and weekends was spent here in this house.


Things were getting good and we were back to our life again. The lost chemistry we had because of this all was now finding its way back. We were being more in love than ever. So it was august, and we were planning her birthday next weekend. But we were not sure how can we be safe from rains as we wanted to have outdoor party, as we were busy planning, it rained again. We ran inside and through windows pane in living room we were looking out still planning.
I made us a cup of coffee and as I handed it to her,

I want you to be the raindrop that I can feel on my skin” she said. I held her from back as we both were enjoying the majestic hills being washed by this rain. And I lifted her in my arms, she shouted in excitement and hugged me around my necks so it was easy for me to carry her. Then I ran towards our swimming pool carrying her, she was shouting to stop but I didn’t, I threw us into the pool! I could see her trying to swim hard in those skin tight jeans I knew it was hard, I helped her undress the pants and so did she. Soon we were in the pool all naked and laughing at each other. I went near to her and whispered, “I know one of best setting for making love is in the pool”. “Oh! this explains why we have our house here in this lonely place with this swimming pool” she said teasingly, “catch me if u can” as she swam towards 10ft, and she knew I was not good swimmer and can never beat her. But I didn’t give up, I tried to catch her up, without any luck of course. Suddenly I got down into the water. It was not even 5 seconds she came to me and pulled me out. I just laid there without moving knowing shes panicking, and she felt my breath, I held them. She was already about to cry and tried to give me CPR, I grabbed her and kissed her back! She forcibly got back from ne and hit me and said “I hate u”, I pulled her near and said, “but, I love u and so I m going to make love to u”. and I kissed her. Soon we were making love. I rolled us back to pool and it was the first time we made love in our house, and first time of our life in the pool!



Since then, we got back to our life, downs were gone and we were happy again. Then one day, I was enjoying coffee and enjoying the sunset, suddenly she stood in front me and said, “I want u to give me something”
“since when did u need my permission? Ask anything u need” I said.
“I need a room”
“lol, there are plenty and u can use them without asking me dear.”
“I need a room for our child” she said as she sat in the chair across me.
“WHAT?” I jumped from my chair and sat by her side, “are you serious??”
“Yes” she blushed. I grabbed her in my arms.


We both were happy and eagerly looking forth for this baby, our first child. We both decided to keep the child here in our house and expose him/her to city later when s/he is strong and capable enough. We had decided to bring up this child in a silent and solitude place. And we both had agreement on this.

I asked her to move to city until her delivery and be back when both mother and child are in green zone. But she denied, she mentioned how we were born without any medical help and she also wanted natural birth in our house. When her due date was near I asked one of my doctor friends to be here with us till her delivery. And she was here with us and we all had an increasing heartbeat as her time was coming near.

One day, it was cats and dogs raining. We were all home, her parents, my parents, doctor and me. We all were enjoying our warm cup of tea and talks despite the rain outside. Then suddenly she screamed and the warm room and talks suddenly heated up, she was in her labor. After half an hour my friend came and said, one of the procedure kits was missing. It made us all worried and then I started calling all possible numbers for help. But no one was ready to help me, I went back to my friend and told her the situation. She said we must hurry for hospital now. So I pulled my car and we left for city. Bad luck was at peak of the take, the road was obstructed due to fallen tree. Me and my brother-in-law brought the fallen tree aside and rushed back for hospital.
As we reached hospital, she was taken to emergency, and I was facing doctors for being this careless. I had nothing to say, I kept quite. I was praying good health of hers and our child. I never heard any words from what doctors said for my entire attention was towards the emergency operation room.

After about 1 hour a nurse came out with a baby, handed to me and said, “Congratulations! You are a father”. She had to say nothing more, because I could see in the face of the child it was a girl, exactly like her mother. I shed two drops of tears there, not to say/show that I was emotionally weak boy, but I recalled entire my 12 years of life with her mother, from the day I saw her to today, the day when she gave me a part of myself, day when our love had a living proof. Then I recalled her and asked where she is and how is she. The nurse only said, “We are trying our best” and left me with my girl. I stood there, happy for I had my child in my hands, sad my wife was fighting life and death just to see our child. I don’t know how 3 hours passed away, and how our child was cozy in my arms.

A doctor came and said, “Sorry, we did our best but could not save the mother”. Before I could fall down my brother-in-law hold me, a nurse ran and held our child, who was orphaned right during her birth. After another 6 hours I came to consciousness, and I wanted all that happened before I blacked out to be a nightmare, everything to be false. But how I wish…..



Sixteen years later, here I sit in this old couch, looking at rain, recalling all our old days. Then our child came and disturbed me, “Dad, I don’t know why I love rain but, I know I hate it for how it brings tears to your eyes.”

Her voice, her eyes, her face all reminds me of my wife, and every time I see her, a part of me cries. When it rains, the tear intensifies…
I know I love rain, for it stirred our chemistry and we were in love. I hated it for it reminds me of her and compels me to accept her absence…..


As always thank you for going through this. I know its cats and dogs story, still i wanted to post something. 🙂

Wishing wonderful souls who went through this a god time ahead. ^_^

CnC are welcome. ❤



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