Here I stand,
amidst this crowd,
hoping someday,
I see her face again.
as I see these hurried faces,
running back home,
being prudent.

The day ends,
and so does the crowd,
but I don’t stop here,
cause faith moves mountain.
I aspire,
so I don’t give up,
for I know one day I will find her,
and happiness will fountain.

Then day has gone,
so has months,
and now I guess some years too,
But I cant just give up yet.
For I am a man of stubbornness,
For I have my prejudice,
For I can be one man army,
I have that faith.

But she never came that way,
She never was seen,
I just waited pointlessly,
waited till my heart aced.
Then I realised,
it was my fault,
For she moved on a long ago,
and I never let them go or nor even faked.

I could never see,
nor believe,
how she just moved on,
Once I was her world and now a stranger.
We shared our world,
and now there was nothing,
now we even know,
if we still exist somewhere.

She was cruel,
so was her love,
so was her activities,
And here I stood,
in this mid way,
waiting her kindness back.
But I was a fool,
blinded by love,
I gave it up all,
I stood there for a decade
and still cannot see her face
nor did the reason of what I lack.

I loved her unconditionally,
and even this decade after,
here I stand in this crowd,
hoping to see her face just once.
But things are not always the same,
wait its same for me.
I stand here in this midway, entire day
and then every passing day fills up my heart
with another lance.


-Thank you for going through this.

Man is poetic when in love,

but plz, m not in love, i have exams! 😀 😛

Wish you a good time ahead.<3


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