You were stranger a moment ago, and you still are.

Here you stand just by me, and still you are so far.

My heart was in silence, and now there’s war,

And then these feelings, with words I cant describe to par.


We spent so much time, yet we just met.

Seeing you, my origins I forget.

Your eyes are so cruel, they kill me dead.

Your face that shone, and I was fade.


Your lips that juicy and shiny, they made me mad.

Your body that shimmered, they made me forget everything I had.

I have no words, to say how I felt,

But all my emotion, my feelings were like pelt.


We shared so many, yet we knew nothing.

We knew so much, yet we knew nothing.

We talked for so long, yet we shared nothing.

We met for so many times, yet memories we have nothing.


I ask myself, is this déjà vu or hallucination.

And yet you smile, not sure surreal or illusion.

I want to break this loop of delusion,

And hold u tight in my arms for eternal fusion.


I stand here, trying to figure you are real or not.

Cause there is no hesitation saying I love you a lot.


Then I question myself, how can I love when I don’t even know your existence,

Then I realize I live in planet earth

and you do in Parallel universe,

you have metamorphic existence. 😉





-Thank you all for sparing some time and going through this post.
And yes, I don’t think I will get over my paradoxes and my girlfriend in Parallel Universe! 😀

Criticisms are always appreciated. 🙂


Have a awesome time ahead. ❤



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