The month of love


There are many debates and discussions every now and then about love, its experiences and the lame try people do to define it within limited terminology we have. It has never been answered, nor has anyone come up with something specific to carter the need to define it. But here I share my point of view about what love is, well its experience through this short story. Hope you enjoy.




It was Feb-1 , I clearly remember. It was a grand event that my club had organised and was a national level one, being president, I was naturally aspired to be there, busy as hell. It had been weeks we were working for it, day and nights and finally 1st Feb had arrived. The program was ongoing as intended and this made me and my team happy, finally to see our hard work paying off.

Towards the end of event I went up to podium, gave my conclusive speech, thanked everyone for making it grand and asked everyone to enjoy dinner before closing up the event. I also requested volunteers to meet up in volunteer room after dinner. Actually we had planned a party for entire team for working that hard and making our dream of the event come true.


After some formal good byes I too headed towards dining room, most of my friends had already enjoyed the meal and were ready to rock the party. So I was alone there for dinner but as rats were having a discotheque on my stomach, i went up to the diminishing queue. I noticed a fair girl standing just in front of me in the line who smiled and said I did a fabulous job. Since that was all I heard entire day, I faked a smile and said thank you. Faking smile was because of my hectic day and because smile was mandatory. I had seen so many new faces that day, I never cared who it was. I sat down on an empty table and was not sure how to start eating there alone. Then out of nowhere, the same girl came, and asked if she could join me. I was alone and wanted a company so i said yes.

Well we enjoyed the dinner and exchanged formal intro of ourselves. After dinner, we just stayed there and talked about some of our hobbies. Then one of my friends came to take me to party where all were waiting me to start it. I bid her good bye and thanked her participation in the event and being my dinner partner as I left the room for party.


There in party, I went and congratulated everyone for their hardship and making the event a success. Then party started. I never wanted to stay there, as I was tired mentally and physically. All I wanted was to go home, take a hot shower and take a nap. But it would have been rude to leave early, just for moral support of people I was working with, I needed to stay there.

Everyone was busy partying and enjoying, I went to bar and asked myself an Irish coffee, I wanted to soothe my pain. As I was enjoying my coffee, the same girl came up.

“I think I will join u for the drink as well” she said with smile.

“Sure, seems we both are left alone by our friends” I said as I showed her an empty chair next to me.

“I am bad with names” I said as I sipped another shot of the coffee, starting the conversation.

“Aashu”, she said with same smile that glowed with those sparkling disco lights.

“KriShaB”, I said as I raised my hands towards her for a gesture of shake.
She took it and kissed them, I blushed.

Moments of silence followed there,…


“We are planning a visit to Pokhara tomorrow, you wanna join us?”  She broke the silence, “join us may be? We, well at least I, would love your company there”.

“Well m free this week and a break would do good, but let me see if I can” I said unsure if i shall go or not.

“Mobile?” she said as she took my mobile lying in the table.

“3258” I gave her my mobile pin and took another sip from my now cold Irish coffee.

She dialled her number then handed back me my phone and said, “Save it, I will call u in the morning”.

I smiled, it was all I could manage.

Soon the party came to an end and then I went back home. As I was being fresh and was about to take nap, my phone rang, it was new number and i wasnt sure to take the call or not.But ended up answering it anyway.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have called u at this time.Its Aashu, we shared dinner and drink.” She said.

“Oh, hi! Its OK” I tried to comfy her, “You reached home?”

“Yup, just wanted to check if u did”

“I too just reached home and now preparing for a nap.”

“oho then I should call this a night,” she said, “I hope you to come tomorrow”

“I don’t think I can make it tomorrow, I have to wrap up todays event, I will be free from evening though” and instantly asked myself, why did I add up the last part.

“Wow! Great, we too are planning to go the next day. Tomorrow we will be shopping”, she said in very excited tone and added, “Seems we can join to Pokhara trip then”.

I said nothing, for I was not sure if I should go or not. “Can we meet for coffee in evening tomorrow?” I said instead.

“Great! 5 pm in Java, Basantapur” she said, jumping up high, I could feel that just from her tone.

“Ok, 5 be it but, ZY café instead? They have amazing Chai” I said as I cut the phone, “Good night”




I was excited, I don’t know why but, anyway got there before time and was looking here and there, especially the evening rush, the crowd and feeling that rush with them.

“Did I make you wait?” She said, “Sorry! Traffic you know.”

“Its ok”, I smiled, “I too just got here”.

“Thank you for seeing me” She smiled, “I am so excited for our trip tomorrow”

Chai?” I asked.

She smiled. I went and got 2 for us. She still was smiling and her smile had something to add up in the air there. In odd way, I liked that whatever was in the air that her smile added.

She took few sips and remarked, “This is pretty amazing”

“I know” I said and managed a smile.

“Do you have any plans tonight?” I broke the silence again.

She nodded, “Nop”


“Wow! Great!” she at once called someone and said she is going out for dinner with friend and will be home late. More than her talk I was busy noting her sparkling eyes, they added more to the likelihood in the air it already had.

“I like your smile” I said, “They sparkle like ..” I got lost in search of good word to describe them.

“Thank you!” She blushed and asked, “So where are you taking me for dinner?”

“I don’t know.” I said, “Any place you would like to”

“Well I am new here in Ktm so any place will be good and new for me” she said with a wink, I got into confusion about where to take her to.


“Lets walk about this square, hope I can take you to a good place.” I said, and we left off.

Then I decided to take her to one of my favourite place, ‘Around the Corner’. So I asked her, “Can we go to around the corner?”
“What for? Kiss? I need it to be French one!” She said and laughed.

I immediately realised what I had done wrong, I managed a smile and said, “Oh sorry! It’s a café name, I was planning our dinner there”

“I got excited for kiss and you betrayed me” she said as she came near to me and held my hands. I was happy, warm as well as felt numb all at same time. I don’t know if I didn’t want it, but m sure it gave me different sensation when her warm hands slid into mines, I got goose bumps and a different tickling ran all over my body, I hugged her.

She hugged me back more tightly, but I loved that. “Thank you for coming in my life” she said.

“Not more than I am” I said as I we separated and continued our walk around those monuments.

I had avalanche going on my mind and same was with her I could feel it through her hands that held mines.

We spent the rest of the evening in the café with almost full silence, but I liked that and saw it on her eyes she too loved it that way. On top I hugging her and admitting that I was onto her had made me feel awkward and I guessed same was with her.

After dinner we bid good bye and parted.


My phone rang as I entered my flat, it was text from Aashu.

I think m in love’.

‘well you aren’t alone’ I replied.

She called. We then talked for 3 hours, I don’t know what, but all I know is we did when my phone finally gave up onto our talking and decided to take a power nap. The thing I recall is we talked about how one can fall for someone just within few meets, about love at first sight and its existence, about love and infatuation and about how we felt, but we never confessed about our feelings about one other. It just was like we both knew how we felt, but never confessed about whom it was for though we both knew whom we were referring it to.


It was 5 in the morning and Aashu called again, I was still sleeping, she told we have to be in bus stop by 6:30 and hopes me to be there. And then I recalled I had planned my Pokhara visit with Aashu and friends.

I got up, packed my stuffs called my secretary about my absence to manage my schedule accordingly and set off for bus stop. Aashu was already there enjoying roadside tea when I reached there. Her face lit up like rising sun as soon as she noted me, and came towards me.

“Thank you for coming” she said in cheerful voice “I hope we make a life time memory out of this visit.”

“Nops, thank you is mine for inviting me over” I tried to be casual and hid what we were talking the other night.

We were 4, me, Aashu and her friends. Her friends preferred to sit together so it was Aashu and me sharing our seats. I was delighted to know see too has habit of reading novel during travels as I did. But, she hadn’t brought any this time while I had ‘A walk to remember’ by Nicolas Sparks. We decided to read it on our way.


During entire way, she was resting her head on my shoulders holding my arm and we were both reading the novel, her playlist full of soft English had made reading more enjoyable. We were both enjoying it much. Her warm company, the soft English songs, the mild breeze from the window, her loving hold of my arms, the romantic novel and the ecstatic views all so well blended that I was drowned, drowned deep into the feeling I can never express in words, and here I was thinking is this love?



PS: Yup its short story, but I wil only post about what happened next in a couple of weeks. Right now m out of time to type so! 😛
Thank you all peeps who went through this, comments and feedback are all welcome.
Hope you have wonderful time ahead.








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