With teary eyes, she begged

She cried, plead and again begged,

Not to touch her,

not to make her nude,

not to do anything against her will,


She yelled, “Its SIN!”

she told him its wrong,

she threatened her father will punish her,

she remarked her brother will kill him,

she mentioned her mother will cut him into pieces,

She did all she could,

she cursed him, slapped him, kicked him, threw things at him,

She did all she could do, she said all she could remember to stop him,

She cried her hearts out and asked for forgiveness, for mercy and for love,..


“This is also love bitch!” The culprit spoke.

He heard nothing, he saw nothing, he cared nothing,

All he wanted was to see her nude,

All he wanted was to indulge her body,

All he wanted was a bare skin-to-skin touch,

It didnt mattered if it was a sin,

Nor he cared for punishment, death or being chopped off.


He was so blinded in his lust,

he didnt stop,

Neither he gave a second thought.

He grabbed her, tore her clothes,

Made her naked,

Physically, mentally, emotionally…


She tried to cover her body with hands, and push him with her legs,

but in front of a grownup man she was still weak,

He drank her through his eyes and then with his filthy mouth,

but she fainted when he pulled out the real lust in him,..


Her eyes shed tears from her soul, she no more moved but felt every bit of pain,

She cursed herself for being a girl, over and over again.

He kept on thrusting, didnt stop,

she died every moment just for his lust.


He finished his job, threw her away,

like she was no more of use,

She was simply disposed.


He walked away without any hesitation or fear,

the girl stumbled with pain, tears and bruises all over,

She knew the things to come,

her family will curse her now,

her friends will tease her now,

her society will boycott her now,

her beloved one will leave her now,

her close ones will become stranger now,

her world would stand against her now,


She will be punished just for being a girl,

and the pain will heighten when the rapist will be among the society,

laughing at her, laughing at her pain,

The pain that he caused,

but was never accused of.

Just for a reason, he was a boy and she was a girl.




First post for 2017, A tribute to Rape victims.

May our society learns, understands and accepts the fact that accuser is sinner not the victim.

Good year ahead!! ❤




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