He loved her

The phone rang.

It was unusual time for a call, he picked it with his Chinese eyes and saw it was her.
100 of thought crossed his imagination before he could even click that “Answer”

“Babes, what happened is everything good?”

“Umm, nothing special, can we Skype?”
And she hung the call.

The boy ran through 100 more thoughts before his Skype loaded. Before even he was logged on, she called. He received it at once to make sure the midnight ringtone wont disturb others and enquired again, Is all good?

He could see from her face, nothing was good. Things had happened, certainly bad things.


It already had been couple of years she was abroad and still these couples were in love relation. In last two years, people always had forecasted long distance relation doesn’t last long. And so far they had proved them wrong.

He recalled, the last time he saw her was when she vanished into the darkness, for he had sinned. He was a sinner and he sinned of loving her, truly loving her. After the kiss, he really had given up. Though she was only thing that mattered to him, more than himself, he had given up. For he had loved her.


After few months of that, she inboxed him asking his skype id. At first he was not sure how to respond but, eventually he ended up chatting to her. By then, she was in her dream land as she was planning, but was missing home a lot and amongst things she missed, he was the prime thing she missed. She even apologised for leaving him behind and never getting to him again. As that old story, she smiled, he smiled, problem solved. To be exact, she smiled, he faked a smile and life continued.

Ever since, both kept in contact and everything was going good. Every day, she managed to talk to him. Kiss had been a long lost incident and both were happy. Despite life was ups and downs and for the fact they lived in complete opposite side of earth, they were always together at least modern day communication made them together, virtually.


He shuffled through all those memories before she broke the silence and his dive into memory lane.
“m sorry, I woke u up in urgent note” she said.

“Its ok dear, but u don’t seem fresh, is all good?”

“Listen, all I wanted to tell was we need to bring this an end. I don’t wanna talk to u or even clarify to  u about anything. I don’t wann hear from u, I don’t wanna talk to u or even anyone around trying to do things for us. I demand end to everything we have”. Baaam! The sound followed for her screen hitting the keyboard.

The boy was left behind in same darkness he was left back couple of year ago in that museum alley. This time here he was in his own room, half awake half sleep in this midnight but fully broken. Everything he had with her so far played infront of him. He saw how he met him first, how he and she became friends, how he was left behind after that cold bye, how he was left behind after the kiss, how she approached him and how he fell for her again…

Everything from beginning played infront of him. But he nowhere could find where he had done it wrong for her to betray him and leave him behind. Of the entire act he did, the only thing he did was love her. Not demanding anything, nor expecting anything, he just did was compassionate love her…



*Thank you all who managed to go through this. I know this is brief one, but i just tried to get back to writing after long and ya, since it is extract from my write “Conditional Love” this one contains some hyper link in between about the exact incident.

Thank you again. comments are welcome! 🙂



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