Traumatized me


It was dark cold night,

And the rain was furious.

And there was a lady drenched in this rain,

Making me so curious.


It was unusual for any alive soul to be there,

But so was I, not dead still wandering these road.

For me it was not uncommon, a working lad I was

But at that hour a lady was surely odd.


I wanted to share an umbrella,

But I had none.

On top, talking to lady on road,

Might give her my impression wrong.


I couldn’t stay up to my self

Wondering/ fighting so many questions on my head.

Then again there existed some more questions,

Stopping me to take road towards her which led.


Late teenager she was her body told,

And the pain that eyes shared.

I was helpless standing and watch those tears roll,

Not sure how to let her know with pure intentions, I cared.


Ya for sure I didn’t knew her,

But those tears didn’t let me be that stone hearted.

So taking all guts I had I went up to her,

Into the wild nullified point my heart got landed.


For there was no one,

Just this cold night, furious rain and stumbled me.

Was it imagination or some sorcery I couldn’t figure,

Or some ghost or something that tricked me??


But then I question myself,

How could I just imagine that clear face.

The tears that intimidating eyes shed,

But then there was no trace,

Nor of the lady, nor her tears,

just this cold night, furious rain and traumatized me…


After a break. You guys keep me motivated to write something every once and while.
Thank you all beautiful souls who gave time to go through this. Comments appreciated. 🙂

Wish you awesome peeps a great time ahead.





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