I know


I know alive is better,

But then dear, permanency is not possible.

I know all about the pain u feel,

Trust me, I am also struggling beneath the same rubble.


I know life is not easy,

But then dear, one has to take the chance.

I know about the fact for chances to be wrong,

I am aware that it might pierce another lance,


I know the pain of spear, right in middle of ones heart.

It takes not only the courage to stand, but an art.

Now with the pain, love seems just flirt.

I know the mind is just trying to act smart.

Like the tears behind the smile that depart.


He is long gone and so is she,

We both know it, as clearly we see.

But heart wont easily flee,

Cause we are standing in middle of nowhere to be.

Waiting for them to be back and take us to the shore,

But then we know we are just adding the pain abit more.


I know it takes time to change,

Its only matter of time.

But you might lose someone,

Standing right there with chime.


He might be bringing the smiles u know,

And the light in your heart, to relit and make it glow.

Isolation cannot overcome this pain,

For anything to happen it must begin, it must flow.


I know things are not always same,

Not just materials but also the feelings.

But then there is this idiot,

Waiting for you and your love till the end.


Dedicated to my queen from Parallel Universe.
Btw m indebted to all those who have speared their time to go through this. Wish you awesome peeps with a great time ahead! 🙂







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