Bye Bye 072

Start of new dimensions in life,

That was how 072 came,

Though I gained so much,

There wasn’t any money or fame.


Well there was exam on heads when it all started,

And then occurred the earthquake.

Though I was doing great,

All was just like it was fake.


Two months of vac,

and exam happened again,

no idea how semester was over,

all I know is exam strain.


Then there was all those festive

And along were exam,

Nor was festive good nor were exam,

In simple words they were BAAM!


Then we had lock-down on studies,

No studies no worries,

Then we went to tour, enjoying

On booze no curries.


Then right afterwards it was time

For usual back,

Hopeless, pathetic and worried was i

As preparations for it lack,


Then was competition of yantra

And were some events,

Had awesome events carried out

With internal  full of dents.


Then came the finals,

I became John Snow.

Exam came and went

I was there knowing NOTHING!


This was how 072 passed,

Came and gone like poof

Like all other so far,

Just adding another spoof,..


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