Dream: the proposal

माया माया भन्छै प्रिय, रहरले हुन्न माया।

I know love is not something that is done by force, it has to flow naturally like the water flows. Still I am taking such a bold step to write publicly only so that the barrier in the flow if any can be removed. I also know, coming to this day life seems easier alone but then everyone deserves a chance, even I had failed once and here I am up again, not because I didn’t learn but because to take another chance. Life is too short to hang around doing nothing or being worried about what happened in past. Rather it’s a day-to-day challenge, the more adventurous it is more happiness we are bound to get.

I know, now I am in the state to find similarities between us and once if we got together the reverse phenomena might start. I know, but then that’s what makes us human. We have mind and we have to use it all the time. BTW talking about mind, I strongly say we have similar mind set 😉 .

You love traveling, me too. You have a dream, that one day you will have a food café of your own. Well for me, I just want the same food café with a wall full of books, and some robotics for automation in place possible. Then when people come to our place, they can enjoy quality time with books and tasty food we make together all with Robots serving them. I even have thought name for our café, “Bote: the booked Bot café”.

Every day, we wake up early and go for jog around the park, then returning home and having a good yoga break we both have a romantic bath :* . Then you prepare our to-do and shopping list for the day, while I prepare us breakfast. Then after a good breakfast, I would start working with cleanliness/maintenance of our beautiful house and also work for robotics, my life. In mean time you work with your own time, help me in robotics or I suggest writing, trust me, you write in a way that always makes me fall for you even more, will need that a lot after marriage!! 😉

Then just as mid-day is about to start we both go for shopping, and head our workplace Bote. Open it in our usual time of 12 noon to welcome our regular customers for lunch. After having a tiring work in our Bote till 8 we close up to work for accounts and clean up. Every day, dinner will be yours responsibility :* (I make you breakfast and lunch every day! 😉 ), while I clean up. After dinner we come back home and spent a good time in our backyard looking at stars and having seasonal hot/cold drink, mostly coffee it would be we know 😀 😉 . Then I would carry you till your bed and take a good nap (Making love will be your call. :3 :V ).

I know this will be boring stuff to do every day, so at least every 6th month we have a vacation of a month. The vacation will be visit to our family annually if we are staying abroad (which is most likely), else both the vacation will be a trekking to a new destination every time, mostly Nepal. If we are around Nepal, we can have a tiny couple day off/weekends off with our parents and/or friends. Else, we can go for hike around wherever we live or have a party with our friends there. This would not compulsorily be involving both of us. We can completely have time of our own to respect personal time and privacy. 🙂

When both of us are ready, we have children (max 2), it wont affect any of the routine. In morning I would do all the entire works of making them ready to school, dropping them to school, making them their breakfast and the lunch. But in the evening you will pick them back home, and stay with them to give all time they need, make them do homework, (m much impatience doing that 😀 ). And later drop by our Bote for dinner, as our child demand they get to choose chef for their dinner or go to a place they want for dinner!! ;).During holidays, we travel, during short holiday we can always come up with plans. Also, during your pregnancy, I will be in-charge of this all, you will have no rights to do anything but stay home, eat and love me and our upcoming child! 😉

When we grow too old to work, we simply retire from all things and go to some elderly home, have some same age friends and live our life there, helping till we can and getting help when we cant. And some day we pass away. If we happen to pass before any of this, may be too soon or just at the start of the dream, we simply work to at least have Bote opened as this involves both our dreams. I ask you to remarry the man of your choice, if I happen to pass away earlier than you. And I know, you choose and stayed with me, then its clear you cant choose wrong!! :v Also, Bote if happened to be a major failure, we can go back to be a job holder and work around to have a fresh start, life is bound to be full of surprises, but for us the surprises will just be a lesson of media to be happy. ❤

Well this seems to be a good plan so far, but sincerely it needs a lot of dedication to reach this stage. So, basically right now we need to focus on completing our respective courses/education. Then afterwards we can apply college in same state for higher studies and also get a job that pays us enough to have the base to have our own house and startup of Bote in as early as possible. Then, once we are good to go, either of us will continue working in office while other works for Bote and once settled, we follow the proposed life 😉 .

You see crush, it sounds perfect, but can be perfect only when you are with me, holding my hand and being by me all the time and we both work for this to happen( FYI, I will be there all the time you need, just look around you don’t even have to call. :* ). And for us to get to these levels, all we need is to know each other, giving a time of a week or months might not be enough to get this far. so its important to be close friends and be there for each other from now onwards, remind each other about our dreams in case we got distracted. And if any of us have any short comings, try to work out about it, no one is perfect we know.

I know your past and can feel bitterness you had. You also know I too had a past, but its not past that shall ruin our present, it’s the present work we do that will make our future better. And I strongly pledge you to consider about it. You might say any girl can come here to be my crush and make this a reality, but you know these are dreams I saw with you, it’s a life I planned for us and there is no way anyone else but you can fit in these dreams. It took me years to see, build and finally share my dreams and in case you broke it, I wont have any guts to dream again. But that’s not a threat my dear its just a note so that once you broke it, never dare to ask why I never dreamt again! 😛 (Ya ya  its indirect pressure, but m human and I would like thing to happen in my favor. 😉 )

Well this is insane way to propose, but you know we both love being weird. 😉 But then I could never share all these in our coffee meets or directly in your face. Its not that i cant face you, its that the reaction you might have after this that makes me anxious and unable to say it in your face. And hence here it goes.

Hopefully you read it, consider it and ya its not about half girlfriend or girlfriend. Rather its like I always say, its all about having that some one to count on. You can always suggest in making the dream more profound, till then m going to be introvert to see you sneak up into my introvert state and we break it forever at least for each other.  😉

Finally, crush, life is never like what we wish or want it to be. But then its not even a logic to stay lame in name of being safe. Had our ancestors not travelled, we would still be in caves thinking crossing a border we will fall down. Had we never tried early days aircrafts, we would still be travelling in trains/buses and never been to moon/mars. had we never had guts to open up a body, we could never have done the miracles in medicine we are doing now. Simply saying, take a chance. Life is worth every small chance you take and sincerely, its gonna be the best chance you will ever take. I love you dear, might not be as much as i love my self, but it will be always more than enough for us to be happy together. 

Take a chance dear, lets take a step together, future is not certain still take a chance with me may be??

Finally, if you read till here, I heartily appreciate you, your passion and patience for this. And ya, my crush already know its for her if she happens to read it. And till she responds, I want you guys to be normal and not make it hype.

And ya, we all know, if parallel universe collide, everything will be gone. We will reach null point as there wont be anything left but void. So, if I happen to reach a null point, know it by yourself that I collided with my parallel universe. 😉

Wish you a good time ahead for taking time to go through my messed up dream, hopefully she helps me edit to make it even better! 😉


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