Breathe (Teaser)

It already was becoming dark. People were busy hurrying back to their home. Emerging cities have same problem, lot of peoples less of vehicles but all carrying same dream of being rich, earning for livelihood.

I was returning from my office, after having hectic life there. I dont know my problem i hate everyone here. I feel none has emotion in my office. But then its my source, in-fact only source of income so i get adjusted despite of having wish to go away from here.

I had a simple routine for evening, i returned from office go home have meal, surf net for while and study for a while if i have some energy left or else i would sleep. Returning from office always was adventure for me. either one and half an hour of walk or simply to travel through 30 minute of hanging from the bus/micro. Most of times i preferred walking as it was lot easier. But walking alone sometime is really a hard thing to do.

Today i opted walking and took the bus,it was a bit easier to stand towards last as there would be few to stand and flow of people used to be low. I was planning for having a nice songs played through my earphones as they would somehow give me temporary release of stress all day. After about 10 mins of travel a guy dropped off allowing myself to stay in the seat, without wasting my single moment i took the seat and breathed another relief.


“Where do i know you from?”The teenaged sweet voice compelled me to pause my playlist and glare towards the stranger on next seat.

I was quite unable to respond, as there was a beautiful lady just by my side and was talking to me,…

“Hi, this is Aashiya, you seem familiar. Have we meet before?” She extended her hands towards me.

With as decent as possible smile i replied, “Hi, myself KriShaB, i doubt if we do. Where could have we met? Importantly, if we have meet, how could i forget such beauty like yourself?” I started flirting, but sincerely those were just compliments.

“Well, i just felt like we have meet before. Anyways, where do you live?”

Home, i wanted to say. But i knew it would be rude to say so to someone whom i just met and just shared few words so far. “Near samakushi, you?”

“Really? I too live near there.”


Then we got to know we were living in same locality. I was happy to meet her, the remaining 20 minutes of travel spent in just few moments. We both had to walk somemore minutes to reach our locale so we got that extra time to talk. I got to know, she was currently doing her BSc and was also a member in a INGO she had known from her family links and hence working there as part time. She was a friendly person.


Frankly speaking befriending her was a good thing happened to me in last few months, it was just less than an hour of our meet and i already was loving her. I had developed a very old friend feeling towards her in this short window frame and our talk on our way home,……


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