Here you glared and then turned there,

Oh god how can I unsee that stare.


It was not something normal I know,

As it just lit a flare within me glow.

Her eyes moved in random flow,

But it made my world go slow.


She was pretty among all I saw,

In some humans god forgets to add flaw,


Peeking me time and again,

Giving me chills flow through my vain.

I couldn’t move as if I was in chain,

I wish i could go till her heart in a train.


I know its not me whom she’s staring,

Imagination is the thing m doing.


Just imagination of her stare gave me chills,

Just her presence around give me feels.

I know the ultimate heights of these hills,

One day or the other it simply kills.


I know going up there is pain in spine,

But then to die in love is something divine.


And by divine i remembered a fact,

Love in not something about pact.


Its flow of care for everyone around,

To stop them from going round and round.

To get them away from the hound,

Hound of ignorance they are bound.




Happy Valentines Day to all. 🙂

This poem is dedicated to all who spared time to open my blog and go through this one.
Psst,… To single ladies it twice times dedicated!! 😀 😀


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