Finally they reached their destination, an antique city. The boy went to ticket counter bought two tickets, and started telling everything he knew about the place. The history, the facts and all about the monuments.

“How do you know all these?” The girl was amazed.

“I have no much work to do. So I just roam around, read them somewhere. A sort of my hobby for free time” He said.

After roaming around the place and getting to know so many about the place, more than half she had missed, they came to an entrance of museum.

“This is an art museum, most of time no human but full of only erotic paintings.” The boy said.

“You doubt I cant handle erotic arts? Trust me I have seen more. And even if I got excited here you are” The girl winked naughtily as she entered.

The boy followed her and started to tell her about the sculptures and paintings. He was true, every single piece of art here was erotic as hell. For an aged teenager it easily turned them all. These two were not an alien. More than the boy it had affected the girl as she had never imagined erotic art of this extent so far.

After 1st section of the museum, there was a corridor for next one, the girl took seat near the wooden window as they were passing, and the boy went near.

“Are you all good?” The boy asked.

“They really are erotic, m turned on” The girl said playfully.

Instead what girl had expected, the boy got serious. “Told you its not a good place to be, lets go some other place”

“Are you kidding me? No lets finish this museum. I really like it”


“No buts, please lets visit remaining part as well” she said as she dragged him towards entrance of 2nd section.

As they explored the 2nd section, the art really were erotic. Though they were just art, they had an effect of watching an adult movie queerly.

The boy was frightened when the girl held him in middle of their exploration. But as he too had been affected by art there, he hugged her back. Soon the hug turned into kiss. The boy caught cheeks of the girl and made a passionate kiss! It was his first one but it blew away the girls mind. She too returned the favor and soon the museum ride became a moment to cherish for both.

The girl got quite shocked when the boy grabbed her butt and pulled her up to his heights and made another passionate kiss. The irresistible kiss made her numb.

“I love you” the boy said softly in her ears as he kissed.

The girl got sensation like she was falling from a height suddenly she realized what they have been doing, pushed the boy aside and threw her body in a nearby corner realizing what just happened between him and her.

“What? Are you alright?” the boy asked in total surprise.

“We shouldn’t have done this,.. We shouldn’t..” the girl stammered.

“But you were the one who started it all. I’ve warned you about this before we got here”

“You could have stopped me! It was all your idea to be here. It all happened because of you!”

“The kiss or the proposal? You enjoyed it more than I did until I proposed! Now don’t blame all on me!”

“Ya ya its all me.” It was all, the girl mentioned before she started crying.

The boy at once jumped where she laid, wiped her tears, took her into his arms and apologized for whatever happened. He also mentioned how much he loved her and to stop weeping as her tears hurt him.

The girl said nothing just stood and walked away, the boy stayed there in the cold floor hating him for the trip and whatever happened. Despite the fun of having kissed for the first time in his life he has lamentation of kissing her at all.

The girl soon was unseen into the dark corridor towards exit while the boy sank deep in hating him and his feeling for his love. Alone and cold in the floor, the dark corner,..


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