Cold Bye

The sun was bidding good bye in western horizon, while moon had already said good evening to all. People were rushing towards their home. The boy and the girl were in a rooftop of a cafe, enjoying their personal regulars, ‘Garam’ for the girl and a hot lemon for the boy, accompanied by a plate of mushroom chilly and French fries.

Well the girl had her flight tomorrow, so there was obvious silence. The foods were already cold and waiting to be galloped down. But all there existed was chaotic sounds of people rushing back their houses on road down, and birds chirping back to their nests in the sky. But, these two souls remained in full silence.

“Well we can’t stay here all night! I might not get vehicle back to my house. On top few packing is still pending, I need to finish them and get some rest as well.” The girl broke the silence.

“I have never stopped you in any name. You are always a free bird. Free to fly, leave me or do as you wish.”

“Common Krishi! Don’t be childish, come help me finish these.”

The boy took the cigarette, took a deep breathe of smoke in.

“I was talking about the food, not the smoke!”

“This is recent thing I learnt to take, I now kinda like it over other. And now when you will be gone, this is only thing that will be sharing my pain with” The boy said coldly.

The girl snatched the cigarette, put it off though it was just lit and remarked, “This was the last one for both of us. Now no matter what, we won’t touch this thing again. Now please would you take some of these? I am really getting late!”

“After teaching me to have a flying friend you want to make it the last one?”

“Promise Krishi, this will be last one in my life. No matter what I wont touch this thing again!”

“Don’t give me promises; I know no one is good at keeping them.”

“What shall I do to prove that this will be last one of my life?” Said the girl, this time with heavy tone, slow but enough to understand that she is really serious.

“I wish this evening never ended.” The boy tried diverting the topic.

“So do I” said the girl, rolled few drops of tears down her cheeks.

The boy hurriedly came to stay by her side, wiped her tears and hugged her tight. It was just a warm shoulder around her, but she felt like winning over the universe, her Krishi was hugging her. She was happy like anything.


Then rang her phone, it was her dad. Before she barely received it, she got good scolding, the smile that had lit up the dusk just faded down. The boy saw it, and hated the call, for ruining his evening.

“I better hurry, there are some people wanting to meet me.” She said as she drank his hot lemon.

“So, finally you too are leaving me right?”

“I am not going to die idiot! I am just going for a bright future. Two years, I get settled, you will finish your education. Then I will come back to Nepal for a vacation, and then we both will return there.”

“You will marry me?” The boy raised his eyes to see the girl.

Awkward silence followed again. But the time really was clicking hard, though there was unwillingness to end it, the girl had to. So she ate some chips, “Are you going for hunger strike?” she asked to the boy. He didn’t respond.

“So this is the face you gonna show me on the day before m going? Despite helping me get over the fact that I am going away from everyone I care about leaving behind to a strangers land, you are on hunger strike, great!” She said.

“Then don’t go!”, the boy said, ate some ships and the mushroom, galloped down the last of the hot lemon and stood, “You are getting late, lets move.”

The girl followed him till bus station. When the bus arrived, the boy hugged her again, kissed her in her forehead and said, “I know, you have priorities to other things more than me and I respect the fact. But just never forget that I love you a lot. Will be missing you a lot, Take care, keep in touch!”

“Of course I will, idiot! Take care” said the girl as she boarded her bus. Soon the bus left the station leaving the boy with teary eyes, standing among the crowd, alone and cold,…..



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