Conditional Love

“Can u bring me cigarette??”  She asked.

The boy gave nothing but a blank look and queer silence.

“Out of this café, towards right and around the corner there is a shop ‘Garam’ is available there” She said again, emphasizing the word Garam, her favorite cigarette brand.

“You will get ‘Surya Black’ if ‘Garam’ is not available.” The boy said, before leaving the café.

The boy left the café, literally speaking it was just a small tea house. Old, congested and smelly place, damp due to heavy rain which was about to cease its romantic moment after making people wet and sentimental, drowned in romantic memories, dreams…

The boy reappeared after couple of minutes with both cigarettes. Sat by the girl, lit it and dumped a deep smoke into his body.

Before anything could happen, the boy coughed like an 80 year old man, almost like this is his last cough, eyes full red and tears. The girl snatched the cigarette and scolded, “Leave it! You can’t handle this! It’s for people like me bad ones not for someone like you good hearted simple boys.”

“But I can handle you.” The boy said and gave a questioning look to the girl, her face coated with smoke she just ejected.

There was nothing there, just sound of raindrops tapping, and few people in the tea house next room talking about their household problems. Towards entrance of the tea shop were some mid aged people discussing their office and politics enjoying their hot tea.

Couple of minutes later the boy broke the silence, “Why? You don’t trust me? I do can handle you. On top I accept you in all the possible way you are.”

The girl gives a blank smile, inhales another deep smoke and holds it till the smoke heated her entire body and slowly exhales. The boy looked her entire body, wet due rain, slender body of late teenage, it was really erotic body, and rain had really added the sexiness but, for the boy it was just body for he had no lust upon the body.

The girl then said, “I know you can, but don’t you think you deserve more than me? You are such a nice person you really can get a nice caring one than I am and sincerely speaking I have never felt regarding you in that way yaar!”

The boy said nothing. Took the cigarette, inhaled a deep one, this time he didn’t cough. His raged smoke made the girl stunned, she tried to snatch back the cigarette but couldn’t. He took another devastation smoke, the girl was staring the boy with a guilt look.

She might be thinking she is the responsible one for making me smoke, but she doesn’t know how painful moments I have passed along these flying smoke, the boy thought.

He then returned back the stick to the girl she started taking another deep smokes. Meanwhile the tea ordered by the boy arrived. After a while the boy took his phone, and started clicking photos. “You won’t get a quality photo.” Said the girl, still boy tried his best getting one. After few shots he shuffled through his gallery, she said “Told you, you won’t get one” and at point she took a gaze into a photo and said, “Ewe! This one is gross, delete it right away.”

“My mobile, my camera, my girlfriend, my click. There is nothing for you to stop me, m gonna keep it.” The boy replied.

“There’s plenty in Facebook. Download all you want.”

“They are available to anyone who knows you, while none of them are by me.”

Silence followed again.

Couple of minutes later, boy stated, “So you too are leaving me. Everyone goes leaving me behind. I must be odd one, had I been a real good one why would anyone leave me??”

“It’s nothing like that Krishi, everyone has a reason. Or else, why someone would leave so loving, caring, charming and sweet one like you are.”

“Well you are.”

This time the girl had no-more to say. For the fact, he was right. Despite the fact how much she had for the boy, she was leaving him. He loved her like anything and she knew it. But then life is not what we want it to be. Though she had similar feelings regarding the boy she couldn’t help herself leaving him behind and move on.

At times life is cruel, and so is the world. But then adapting the facts around you and moving on is all you can do, the girl thought.


Thank you for reading this. Its a extract of a novel (Conditional Love) I was writing some time ago. I don’t know if I will ever finish it up. But hope you liked a brief part I presented to you here. Reviews, critics and comments are welcomed! J

Have a nice time ahead.

KriShaB (akrishna602)


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