Time killer.

Sometimes you have to get quiet, not because you are inferior or you cant fight back. Its because you are matured, its because you have been going through many things then them, its because you have learnt more than them, its because you have more understanding then they have. After all, when you are in a land of dumbs, you have to be dumb, not because you are dumb in a sense but because you have to learn to adapt, adapt to be dumb in that mass of dumb else you will be boycotted from there and you have to find another mass, quite hard eh??

There are many instances, where elders act as a small chap, but then you have to be quiet, have to convince yourself that they are right, not because you cannot fight them back but because you are now mature and you try to understand them rather question them. Above all, you respect them. If you cannot go through this then well there is nothing that can be done, cause this is how world goes on. No matter what, your elders are always correct, and even if they are not, you have to accept it. Nothing can be done for those who act of being slept despite of being wide awake,..

Sometimes I just wish if I could go do something to get over it, get people down to their level where they can actually learn what is it to be leader, a leader of a family to be eldest and having owing al that responsibility. But I have seen there are one among thousands who have that courage to say yes to good and no to bad unaffected by anything around them. But then its ok isn’t it? We are bounded from our very birth in many things, society, norms, traditions, value systems and so many social facts that we spent our age first trying learning it and then trying following it. We never have time to analyze it, if its really required or its some thousand year old superstition that we carry on. On top we are always blinded by itself that we can never ever get that insight to question what we have to follow.

It takes courage, determination and that will power to ask back for things that aren’t meant to be here in modern days with us, get along the change of time. Just because you use some sort of gadget doesn’t mean you are changed and you have accepted time and its dynamic change it has every moment. Because getting along time means accepting it and its changing along having that capability of changing yourself as well. If you wont change yourself, there is no point for you to claim you are part of this modern world. Being in modern world means being strong enough to change things arouind you but initially changing your ill mentality, change towards becoming a positive being spreading positivity all along.

Conclusion, be the person you can be best about not the one who will simply follow some superstitious behaves. Be the person who is the best you, not the one what people around you want you to be. Have that passion, patience, determination and will power to be a modern man, not just in saying. Because modern man is one who is able adapt his surrounding but in mean time understand the dynamism of the time and getting along it. Using modern day techs cant mean you are a modern man, you simply are an ape using tech if you cannot adapt the changing dynamism of the time!! 😉

Finally, this post is too long, but hope it killed your time and helped ease your boredom. Thank you for reading this! 🙂


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